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Our Members

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Full Members

These members are nonprofit agencies that receive funding to provide behavioral health services in the community to children, families, adults, and older adults. Our membership represents the many types of behavioral health providers and all voices are represented and heard during our policy forums and in our advocacy efforts. Want to become a full member agency in CBHA? Please see our Membership Packet to learn more and send your application to

Associate Members

These members are nonprofit association organizations with parallel interests. They support the Council's objectives and we work collaboratively on our shared legislative priorities.

Business Associates

Business Associate Membership in the California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies (CBHA) is available to organizations and professionals that provide products and/or services to or for members, or to the behavioral health community, and who support the mission and goals of CBHA. As a part of the CBHA family, Business Associates have a connection to statewide community behavioral health agencies and staff servicing more than 1 million clients every year. To learn more, check out CBHA's Business Associate Membership Guide including member benefits and pricing!

We appreciate the contributions of our business associates and the support they provide to CBHA. We encourage all our members to connect with Business Associates directly to evaluate whether the services and supports offered fit with their organizations. The granting of Business Associate status by the CBHA is not an endorsement, real or implied, of the products and/or services offered by the Business Associate. The Business Associate may not claim any such endorsement by CBHA of its products and/or services in any oral, written, visual, audio, or electronic communication to CBHA members or to the public at large.

Want to become a Business Associate Member of CBHA? Please fill out the Business Associate Program Application and send it to

Pharmaceutical Partners

A CBHA Pharmaceutical Partner is a pharmaceutical industry business that supports the mission and goals of CBHA. Are you interested in becoming a Pharmaceutical Partner of CBHA? Please complete the Pharmaceutical Partner Application and email it to


An Emeritus Member is a retired individual who was previously employed by a CBHA member agency. Want to become an Emeritus Member of CBHA? Please fill out the Emeritus Member Application and send it to

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