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Data Exchange Framework

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The Data Exchange Framework

CBHA is supporting the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF). We appreciate your expressed interest in signing on to ensure that patient data can be accessed by every healthcare and behavioral health professional when Californians seek care. We know that quality of care is partly dependent on the availability and accessibility of patient records and data, so the DxF aims to accelerate and expand that exchange of health information.

This framework is the first-ever, statewide data-sharing agreement that will transform how care is delivered among different entities. If we take a step back to consider what actions we can take to help improve the delivery of whole-person care, fostering collaboration among interdisciplinary teams is key.

Health outcomes can improve significantly when medical providers, behavioral health providers, and social services providers have an avenue to quickly access pertinent patient information to address the patient’s health concerns.

Additionally, DxF signatories will be eligible to apply for the $47 million DSA Signatory Grant Program which will assist organizations with funding activities that meet the DSA requirements—there are two types. The first is the Technical Assistance (TA) Grant which is a flexible pathway for signatories to identify the resources they need to achieve their outcomes. The second is a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) Grant which is an assisted pathway for signatories to achieve their outcomes.

If you have any further inquiries about signing onto the DxF, please contact Melissa Santos-Martinez at

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