Sage Miller’s interest in Community Behavioral Health began while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Community Psychology from the University of Washington. Post-graduation, he had the privilege of contributing to a YMCA project to organize a coalition of North Seattle service providers, creating infrastructure and a collective voice for those organizations.

He then moved to Sacramento in 2017 to direct non-profit fundraising campaigns in support of advocacy organizations such as the ACLU and the SPLC as the Assistant Canvass Director for Grassroots Campaigns. Sage further honed his communications and member services skills as the Communications & Outreach Liaison for the California Cannabis Industry Association.

Recently, he became a member of the Sacramento Hub of Global Shapers, a coalition of millennials spanning 171 countries with the mission to drive community improvement projects. In his spare time, Sage likes to contribute and advocate for local community change and is known for his love of everything food, music, and dancing.