CBHA Committees

Membership Committee - CBHA's Membership Committee provides oversight and support for the association's growth, including but not limited to developing member benefits and recruitment strategies. The Committee reviews and votes on all member applications prior to their on-boarding.

Program Committee -
CBHA's Program Committee assists in developing educational programs and related activities for Council activities as directed by the Board of Directors. Assist by advising staff in developing behavioral health programming by bringing your knowledge and expertise to the committee. Commitment consists of a monthly hour-long conference call and possible special calls as needed.

Policy Committee - As a statewide association, CBHA works strategically and collaboratively to pursue public policy initiatives that create system change for communities across our state for mental health and substance use disorder non-profit community agencies. CBHA's Policy Committee helps shape our Policy Platform, providing a snapshot of policy areas that impact the operations of our eclectic member agencies.

Race & Social Equity Taskforce (RSET) - CBHA's Race & Social Equity Taskforce addresses equity issues and holds events to lead dialogue on critical topics for BIPOC communities. It is imperative that we use our collective platform to help steer the societal conversation in the direction of compassion, patience, tolerance, and selflessness.


Membership Committee Chair: Kent Dunlap, President & Chief Executive Officer of Stars Behavioral Health Group

Program Committee Chair: Christina Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Mental Health America Los Angeles 

Policy Subcommittees:
Adults & Older Adults Policy Subcommittee, Chair: VACANT
Children’s Policy Subcommittee, Chair: Steve Eckert
Substance Use Disorders Policy Subcommittee, Chair: Al Senella